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Questions to ask

Making a decision to move into a Senior Living Community is a big one.  We encourage you to ask questions of us or any other community you choose to tour.  Below are questions that will help get you started down the path of choosing the best Senior Living Community for you or your family member.

  • Were you greeted promptly and in a professional manner?
  • Is the building well maintained and decorated nicely?
  • Ask to see the most recent state survey that was conducted at the community.
  • Did the Administrator greet you?  Or did you get an opportunity to meet them?
  • Ask about the staffing ratio. How many team members are on each shift and what is the ratio of caregivers to residents?
  • As you tour, pay attention to how the team members interact with the residents. Are you observing friendly interactions between the team members and the residents? Were you greeted by a team member or residents?
  • If you have the time, stay to have a meal at the community and sit with some of the residents. Talk to them and find out what they think of the community.
  • Did you observe any activity or social events occurring on your tour? Was there an activity calendar posted for you to review?
  • Ask how many times per week or month the residents have the opportunity to travel to outside events and does the community provide transportation to these.
  • Ask to receive a copy of the menu for the month and a copy of the activity calendar.
  • Try to visit the community at different times, especially at night and on the weekends. Does the leadership appear adequate during all times?

Find the Guidance You Need

If you’re looking for memory care or assisted living in Arizona, you’re facing a difficult decision. At River Valley Estates , we’re committed to connecting you with the best care option for your family member or spouse—whether you choose us or another location.

To find the guidance you need, reach out to us at (928) 433-6958 or contact us online.