River Valley Estates  Offering Memory Care and Assisted Living in Yuma, Arizona...and So Much More

River Valley Estates Pledge of Our Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

The leadership team, on behalf of all our team members, pledges and commits to conduct all of our activities as a Resident-Centered, Resident-First Organization, with care and service to our Community team members, our residents and their families, our vendors, our volunteers and the Greater Community we are a part of as our uncompromising and foremost goal. We commit to use this singular goal everyday in every facet our business, including hiring, retaining, compensating, training and even terminating our team members when it is necessary to do so to preserve our pledge of commitment to be a transparent and accountable Organization.

We pledge to formally and consistently encourage our team members at all levels to speak up whenever and wherever they have a safety, care or service concern; we pledge to listen to all such concerns and to timely, fully, fairly and without reprisal of any kind investigate and resolve all such concerns in the best interest of our team members and residents. Finally, we pledge to survey our team, residents and their families at least annually and to follow-up on any dissatisfaction identified at any level with any group with timely corrective action as reasonably needed.

To ensure compliance with our pledge, we commit to keeping communications among our team members open and free of bottlenecks; we commit to having a formal communication cycle; we commit to having policies and procedures that are written, published and available so as to be used each day to guide our team members in caring for their residents and families; we pledge to train all team members on our stated Mission, Values and Principles (See Published MVPs in our office, on the website and posted in every community); and we pledge to make decisions and to take actions in every situation every day, even the tough ones, consistent with and in furtherance of our mission, values and principles.


Find the Guidance You Need

If you’re looking for memory care or assisted living in Arizona, you’re facing a difficult decision. At River Valley Estates , we’re committed to connecting you with the best care option for your family member or spouse—whether you choose us or another location.

To find the guidance you need, reach out to us at (928) 433-6958 or contact us online.